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Launched in September, 2005
$59.99 (MSRP)
90 Day Limited Warranty
Workout Intensity:
Rank 5

Increase Your Endurance to go the Distance Workout
Boxing is a wonderful way to increase your cardiovascular system, tone your arms and back and basically keep in great shape. Jackie Chan and XaviX have teamed up to bring you and your family interactive boxing that combines several key exercises with in the ring action. You will get a great workout with Jackie Chan as your trainer in the Comfort of your Home while you tone your body and improve your overall endurance in the process.

PowerBoxing Gloves are made of soft, flexible materials that have been engineered to withstand the test of time. Your action is wirelessly picked up by Optical Sensors that detect the swing and direction of the PowerBoxing Gloves.

Features & Modes
Power up your cardio fitness with a trainer who knows all of the right moves - Jackie Chan. With the XaviX System Cartridge and wireless boxing gloves, it's just like you're in the ring.

Championship: Jump straight into a Match or Train first to become better prepared to challenge for the title. In Training Mode, you can improve your speed, guard, stamina, and power. There are 3 levels for each of the 4 Training exercise. Pass them all and you are on your way to the title. In Match Mode, you have a chance to compete at 3 levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. In order to win at all 3 levels you will need to box your way through 12 matched in total.
Exhibition: You can challenge one of the opponents you've beaten in the Championship Mode.
Exercise: You can work on your cardiovascular, core, hand/eye coordination, hand speed and tone your body. There are 4 unique exercises and 10 levels for each. You'll be amazed at how hard it is to complete all 40 levels! But, challenge yourself!

Use with your TV and the XaviXPORT (sold separately).

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Package includes:
  Boxing Gloves (2 pcs)
  XaviX System Cartridge
  User's Guide
  Quick Set-up Guide
  Registration Card
  Serial No. Label


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